Standard Garage Door Sizes

Size is one important thing you should consider when you are planning to build a garage. It refers to what type of vehicle that would inhabit the garage. In addition, you also need to consider the number of vehicles that will be stored in the garage. Typically, the standard size of a garage for a car is 3 x 6 meters. For the door, this should have a size that matches the size of the garage. What are the standard garage door sizes? This is the review.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the standard size for a single car garage is 3 x 6 meters. So, what is the standard size of a garage door of the car? The standard garage door sizes are 50 cm-65 cm width x 200 cm-220 cm height. Accurately, the size is 60 cm in width, while the high door is 210 cm.

Iron garage Door

Iron is one of materials that is often used to make the garage door. Iron is a very strong material, so that the security of your garage will be assured. Iron door available in various designs and sizes. As discussed previously, the size of the door must adjust the size of the garage itself. How much iron door with a standard garage door sizes you need for standard size garage?

standard garage door sizes uk

standard garage door sizes uk

To find out how many iron doors in standard garage door sizes you need for your garage is by measuring the width of the wicket door, then reduced to the width of a standard right-left pole, then divided by size standard width of the iron door. For example, the garage is 350 cm width, complete with poles in 10 cm. To know the width of iron door is by formulas: 350 cm – 10 cm = 340, then 340: 6 = 56 cm. By the result, the door you need is in size 56 cm width.


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